What The BoJack Horseman Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Seven years ago when the online streaming platforms were trying to establish their roots a horse walked onto Netflix and into our lives. No one expected Bojack Horseman to rise even one notch above average, let alone becoming a cult favourite and even dining at the same table as Breaking Bad, The Wire and The Sopranos registering its status as one of all times best.

Hilarious, heartbreaking and deeply layered, Bojack Horseman delivered some of the most harrowing and truth-bending portrayals of melancholy and addiction that’s ever graced the small screen — or even the big screen for that matter. And despite that, the show managed to tickle ribs along the way with its dark and hard-hitting humour.

Supported by exceptional writing and iconic characters, and executed with immense precision, the fan-favourite show boasts a lineup of widely talented actors working their magic behind all those animated faces. Mainly carried by the central five, the show managed to feature some outstanding actors across six seasons. From Aaron Paul to Alison Brie, here are the real faces behind all those characters you love dearly.

10. Wendie Malick (Beatrice Horseman)

BoJack’s mother responsible for the neglectful childhood that he endured, Beatrice Horseman was a bitter woman and was herself raised in an oppressive and misogynistic household as the heiress to the Sugarman Sugar Cube Company.

Voiced by ‘Just Shoot Me!’ and ‘Dream on’ famed former American fashion model Wendie Malick, the portrayal was spot on making the story worthwhile until the character dies in season 5. The impeccable voice signed the essence of Beatrice’s character in shaping BoJack as he’s today, a realistically awed character who is as loathsome as she is sympathetic.

9. Wanda Pierce (Lisa Kudrow)

Wanda was a recurring character in season two of BoJack Horseman and came out of a 30-year coma right before dating BoJack. Outgoing and fun-loving with moments of depression and confusion due to the years lost, she’s one of the few love interests BoJack had genuine feelings for.

Just like Phoebe from Friends, once again Kudrow’s character was weird, funny and lovely in her own bizarre other-worldly way. Between the thrill of hearing Kudrow’s gloomy voice again and Wanda’s discovery of modern-day technology after a coma interval makes season two both hilarious and heartwarming.

8. Diedrich Bader (Judah Mannowdog)

Hard-working and hardcore loyal to Princess Carolyn, Judah became a fan-favourite and unlike his name, Judah appears to be a kind and caring person with a gentle soul.

Usually dry, deadpan, and serious, Diedrich Bader’s culminating voice captures his direct and deadpan humour perfectly, proving it to be a valuable addition to BoJack Horseman widening show’s comedy landscape.

7. Aparna Nancherla (Hollyhock)

Hollyhock is a tenacious teenage girl who is initially immature and struggling with adolescence, but just like Chandler from Friends, she learns and grows speedily and in just two seasons matures into an intelligent and caring person.

Voiced by the talented and charismatic comedian Aparna Nancherla, Hollyhock’s sometimes the most relatable and sometimes utterly ridiculous but never fails to entertain.

6. Kristen Schaal (Sarah Lynn)

Sarah Lynn was the tragic teen idol who fell from grace and eventually died from a heroin overdose in season 3. The child actress looked to BoJack as a father figure but was ultimately led down a dark path that led to her untimely death.

Being her voice actor is never easy as it graces through the most heartbreaking and painful pages in BoJack’s book. But Kristen Schaal, the American comedian and writer does it so gracefully that fans are left with nothing but tears, sometimes from the pain and sometimes from just pure laughter.

5. Alison Brie (Diane Nguyen)

A Vietnamese-American writer and outspoken feminist, Diane struggles with her mental health throughout the series, taking antidepressants to improve her mental health.

The voice behind this writer is the ‘Community’ and ‘Glow’ famed fan favourite diva Alison Brie. Her amazing voice acting perfectly captures Diane’s relationships and her darkest parts digging deeper beyond the tagline of depression.

4. Paul F. Tompkins (Mr Peanutbutter)

Mr Peanutbutter is an upbeat Labrador Retriever whose optimism and positive attitude are rivalled only by Todd. The former husband of Diane, Mr Peanutbutter struggles with relationships throughout the series and has been married — and divorced — three times.

This wasn’t Tompkin’s first time working as a voice artist. The ‘There Will be Blood’ famed has previously worked on ‘Tangled’ and his experience comes in handy as he transformed this completely oblivious character into a fan favourite weirdo.

3. Amy Sedaris (Princess Carolyn)

Princess Carolyn is BoJack’s ex-girlfriend and former agent and has been aiding his career for years. Also more of a straight cat, she is almost solely responsible for getting Diane and BoJack together, sparking the entirety of the show.

Amy Sedaris is the voice behind this dedicated Persian cat. You might remember her from ‘Elf’ and ‘Strangers with candy’.

2. Aaron Paul (Todd Chavez)

Originally brushed off by BoJack as a lazy slacker, Todd proves throughout the series that when engaged in a creative project suiting his interest, he puts in his hard work and turns the corners. He is also known for being a caring and compassionate person.

Voiced by Breaking Bad famed Aaron Paul, Todd is the heart and soul of BoJack Horseman as well as the show’s moral compass. Brought to life with ingenious subtlety by Aaron, he turned a familiar character into a distinctive memorable one.

1. Will Arnett (BoJack Horseman)

The titular character and primary antagonist, BoJack Horseman is a troubled star who is bitter, pessimistic and self-destructive, hurting the people closest to him with his actions often encouraged by drug and alcohol addiction.

BoJack offers equal parts cynical one-liners and genuinely sad narcissism and depression thanks to the brilliance of its voice artist Will Arnett. The voice of Batman in the Lego movies, Arnett’s sparkling portrayal makes this horseman simply one of the most complex, comedic, and crude characters out there.

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