The Office cast reunites for an online wedding and this might be the most beautiful thing during these hard times

John Krasinski is redefining the word celebrity just like The Office redefined comedy. At a time when many celebrities like Gal Gadot and Vanessa Hudgens are facing backlash for their inappropriate take on COVID-19, John has brought this world together with one heart-melting video every week.

A pure mix of cliches and warm moments wrapped up in the most amazing positive vibes from around the world is what Some Good News is all about. From online prom to Graduation, from baseball to Hamilton and Nasa, we’ve seen everything, and the world just couldn’t be more grateful to John. He’s come alive during this pandemic and emerged as a savior for humanity.

And this week was no different, maybe the best one yet, at least for die-hard Office nerds like myself as our favorite cast reunited to celebrate an online wedding in their unique style. The perfect recreation of Jim and Pam’s big day with Chris Brown’s Forever playing in the background as John got himself ordained just for this wedding and even cut his tie, Jenna Fischer joined as one of the bridesmaids and for every other cast member, well they played themselves as we saw Michael’s weird dance, Dwight kicking his date, Oscar’s unique moves, Kevin’s tissue box shoes, Meredith’s vodka problem, and Andy’s split. Everything was perfect as the two luckiest people on the earth, joined by their family and best friends saw themselves getting married in the dreamiest way possible.

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