2020's getting worse by the minute as Netflix cancels two fan-favourite critically acclaimed Shows

If 2020 were a person, it’d look no different than Voldemort or Thanos. And the new victim of this never-ending pandemic is Netflix (the one thing that kept us sane at home during lockdown) as the fan favourite streaming service pulled the plug on ‘The Society’ and ‘I Am Not Okay with This’.

According to sources, uncertainty around production dates and balancing the availabilities of a large cast like ‘The Society’, coupled with unexpected budget increases due to COVID led to the decisions on ‘The Society’ and ‘I Am Not Okay With This’, which had been both well received by critics and fans and had strong support at Netflix.

A modern take on Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”, The Society became Netflix’s summer hit last year featuring amongst the most-streamed TV shows of 2019 and was renewed for a second instalment almost instantly. And while there had been no official renewal for the widely appreciated coming of age comedy-drama ‘I Am Not Okay With This’, it was rumoured to have been quietly picked up for a second season as scripts were in motion, and it was on track to go into production.

The surprising news didn’t go down well with fans as Twitter got flooded with hashtags to save the fan-favourite shows, also mocking Netflix for its strange and absurd decisions to continue with ‘Riverdale’, ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘The Kissing Booth’ while abruptly ending these much-awaited shows on a cliffhanger.

Here are some of the tweets that capture the emotions and wit of the fans disgusting Netflix in every which way

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